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Mod-Show Girl in Hollwood

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"Hollywood is my one big chance, and I'm going to grab it!" struggling Broadway chorine Dixie Dugan tells her skeptical boyfriend after a big-shot Hollywood director discovers her. Well, at least the director claims to be a big shot. So begins Dixie's odyssey into the hustle and heartbreak of Tinseltown. Archetypal flapper Alice White -- likened to a platinum-haired Clara Bow -- returns as Dixie (a role she played two years prior in Show Girl) in a film that both celebrates and skewers Hollywood. Long-time silent star Blanche Sweet portrays the actress who finds her career a washout at 32. And the film's glimpses of crew members operating the on-set camera and recording machinery make it a time capsule of technology.
RatingNot Rated
FormatDVD - MOD