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Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel for XBox360

Product Description

When you need to achieve critical maneuvering, precise shifting and overtake the competition on the racetrack, you'll be glad you have the Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel for XBox360 from Thrustmaster on your side. This officially licensed racing wheel is a replica of the one found on the real-life Ferrari 458 Italia, the star vehicle of the Motorsport 4. Borrowing its form and feel, the wheel is 70% the size of its on-road counterpart's wheel, with a diameter of 11 inches. Its rubber-texture grip affords precise handling and the wheel has a radius of 270 degrees.

In addition to the wheel, the package includes a pedal set for accelerating and braking with a long range of travel and realistic resistance and angle. The wheel-mounted sequential gearbox features two Ferrari GT-style paddle shifters. Like several Ferrari models, the 458 Italia has a Manettino dial for quick and simple adjustment of suspension settings, traction control, and more. Of course Thrustmaster strives for ultimate authenticity here as well so you can feel in every way like you're whipping around the track. On your new wheel, this translates to a two-position switch that lets you adjust game settings while racing.

Ready for action, the wheel features eight buttons and a D-pad taking the form of a "Start Engine" button. Since it's built with XBox users in mind, it also has a convenient XBox Guide button that even tells you the player number. The wheel can be attached to any table or desk for added stability. The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel's solid build and feature set combine to provide you with the competitive edge you need when facing even the most difficult driving conditions on the road.
Compatibility XBox360 and PC
Buttons 8 plus 8-direction D-pad
Size 11" (23 cm) diameter