Omni-Sight 10x Spot-Through Compass (Northern Hemisphere) Product Image

Omni-Sight 10x Spot-Through Compass (Northern Hemisphere)

Product Description

Never fear taking the road less traveled with Brunton's Omni-Sight 10x Spot-Through Compass. In addition to the standard 8-way compass directional markings, the dial features four other tools set in concentric circles: four 90° quadrants, a 360° azimuth scale, a 6400-point Mil scale, and reverse/reciprocal quadrant and azimuth readings. Simply hold the 10x eyepiece to your eye, adjust the focus, and the direction and scales are clearly displayed in your view. The dial is illuminated using fiber-optics so even in low-light conditions, the indicators are still visible. Owing to the differences in Earth's magnetic field, the compass has been specifically inclined for use north of the Equator.

A precision instrument, the Omni-Sight uses a durable low-friction sapphire jewel which balances the dial, with anti-static fluid for easy and free motion that will give years of perfect performance. The housing is made of lightweight aluminum with a scratch and corrosion-resistant anodized finish to provide years of service in the field. For additional protection, the Omni-Sight comes with a rubber bump cover and a leather case.

Magnification 10x
Accuracy 0.5°
Dimensions 3.5 X 2.5 X 0.5" (8.9 x 6.4 x 1.3 cm)
Weight 11.8 oz (334.5 g)