Microburst 6 Ft. Fiberglass Stepladder Product Image

Microburst 6 Ft. Fiberglass Stepladder

Product Description

Now there's a ladder that does twice as much in half the space
It may look like a traditional A-frame ladder but that's where the similarities end. The all-new Little Giant MicroBurst is designed to be versatile and durable-yet folds down to a super-slim 3-1/2 inch storage and carrying profile.

Unique Pivoting Top Cap
The MicroBurst uses a revolutionary new pivoting top cap that allows the ladder rails to fit neatly insider one another. The result is a ladder that stores in nearly half the space and is still more stable than comparable ladders.

StableLock Spreader System
Stability is key with any ladder. That's why Little Giant developed the patent-pending StableLock Spreader System. The high-strength steel alloy spreader bars lock into place creating a solid A-frame structure with no room for shifting or walking.

Wide-Flare Sides
For added stability the MicroBurst features an extra-wide flare on both sides of the ladder. The added flare significantly increases lateral stability when working near the sides of the ladder.

  • 6 Foot A-frame ladder with a 3.5" depth
  • New pivoting top cap fits rails in one another
  • StableLock Spreader system locks legs into place
  • Wide-flare sides for lateral stability
  • Non-conductive fiberglass resin
  • Weight capacity at 300lbs
  • ANSI Type IA rating - Extra Heavy Duty Industrial