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Breathless - Kenny G

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From the warm notes of the opening The Joy of Life you know you are in a tranquil, meditative territory. Whether he is Forever in Love or walking In the Rain, whether he is feeling Sentimental or all Alone, this album is all about feelings. Kenny is an accomplished enough player to express those feelings through his distinctive, clear tones. The calm palette of his sound is made up of blissful blues and gentle greens, nothing brighter, nothing deeper; and it succeeds as such. Kenny's sax is up-front, with the subdued background instrumentation equally serene; this composer/arranger knows how to showcase his music. He never takes the focus off his saxophone, although he does share a duet with vocalist Peabo Bryson, on the slickly soulful By the Time the Night Is Over.Pretend you're floating on a lake, lying on a beach, or swinging on a star; this is music that will transport you to that relaxing place. Sit back, relax, listen, and forget your worries.

1. The Joy of Life
2. Forever in Love
3. In the Rain
4. Sentimental
5. By the Time This Night Is Over
6. End of the Night
7. Alone
8. Morning
9. Even If My Heart Would Break
10. G-Bop
11. Sister Rose
12. A Year Ago
13. Homeland
14. The Wedding Song