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Time Bomb - Iration

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2010 release from the Hawaii-based Reggae rockers. Iration. recorded Time Bomb with the intention of making an album that appeals to everyone - it combines Pop structures and melodies similar of those on their previous EP, Sample This, with a more Rock and Electronic feel. Analog synthesizers and unique guitar tones on each track help modernize their Reggae rhythm base. Focusing on making each song a stand alone hit, the band approached each song differently in order to maximize the potential of each individual track. They wanted to make an album that people can listen to over and over again without getting bored or tired of it. Time Bomb is Iration's best effort yet and they look forward to expanding their Reggae-Rock/Pop foundation to infinite soundscapes in their future recordings.

1. Time Bomb
2. Turn Around
3. Let Me Inside
4. Dream
5. You Don't Know
6. Get Back To Me
7. Coming Your Way
8. Wait and See [Album Version] [Version]
9. Changed My Mind
10. Love/Hate
11. All In You
12. Falling
13. The End