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Smoke Stack - Stick Figure

Product Description

Stick Figure has returned yet again to bring you his third full length album, Smoke Stack. Written, recorded and self-produced by Scott Woodruff, this album truly showcases the musical growth of Stick Figure. Smoke Stack possesses all the elements that we have fallen for in previous albums, but this time around Stick Figure has amplified the sound to give us 14 new smoking tracks to keep our mind in motion and the positive energy flowing.

1. Vibes Alive
2. Hawaii Song
3. Smoke Stack
4. Livin' It
5. Thick & Thin
6. Eazy Dub
7. Alright With Me
8. Break of Day
9. On2Nite
10. Fallen Down
11. Longtime
12. Folsom Prison Dub
13. Fight The Feeling
14. Hawaii Song (Acoustic)