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Kala - M.I.A.

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M.I.A. is hailed as one of the most freshly creative artist to hit the scene, paving the way for fierce and adventurous females to break the mold. With KALA, she pulls even more globe trekkin, and bending into her musical mix. Recorded in India, Trinidad, Australia, London, New York and Baltimore, M.I.A. has crafted an international sound that is as exciting indefinable as it is infectious.

1. Bamboo Banga
2. Birdflu
3. Boyz
4. Jimmy
5. Hussel - Afrikan Boy
6. Mango Pickle Down River - The Wilcannia Mob
7. 20 Dollar
8. World Town
9. Turn
10. XR2
11. Paper Planes
12. Come Around