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Pokemon the Movie-Giratina & Sky Warrior

Product Description

Deep in the heart of a mysterious forest, a Pokemon named Shaymin stumbles into the midst of a battle between two powerful Pokemon, Dialga and Giratina. While it watches, Shaymin is thrust into a mysterious realm known as Reverse World, which is an alternate world that is attached to the real world. As the battle rages on between Dialga and Giratina, a mysterious poisonous gas is released, which terrifies Shaymin. Shaymin uses its attack, called Seed Flare, to detoxify the gas, and subsequently escapes from Reverse World. Ash and friends meet up with the feisty and sharp-witted Pokemon and discover that its journey and their own share similar themes - love of nature and all living things, and exploring the fragile line between humans and Pokemon. But alas, their friendship and subsequent adventures bring them back and forth between the two worlds they inhabit, and Giratina is still bent on revenge, so Shaymin is in trouble! Add to the mix a helpful researcher, a dangerous villain, and a plan to rule the world, and you have all the makings of a Pokemon epic! And to make it even more spectacular, get ready for the appearance of Regigigas, a super-powerful Pokemon with a frosty demeanor and legendary status! How will Ash and his friends get out of this predicament? Will the proud and stubborn Shaymin ever find the Flower Festival it headlines? Learn to fly all over again with Pokemon: Giratina and The Sky Warrior!
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