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T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Product Description

Power down straightaways and drift through corners with the T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel from Thrustmaster. The T150 features a 1080° force feedback base with Immersion TouchSense Technology, which lets you feel every detail while you're driving, such as the road or track's relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps, and impacts. Because of the mixed belt-pulley and gear system, the wheel feels fluid and produces little noise.

The T150's rubber-coated wheel is 11" in diameter, ergonomically designed, and has rotation angles that can be set from 270-1080°. Furthermore, it has thirteen action buttons, a D-pad, and two all-metal sequential paddle shifters. A large pedal set with a wide foot rest is included with the wheel, and each pedal's inclination angle as well as the brake pedal's progressive resistance can be adjusted. This racing wheel has a sliding switch for compatibility with both PlayStation 3 and 4 systems, and is compatible with Windows PCs via a downloadable driver through the Thrustmaster website.

Connector USB
Controls 13 Action Buttons
2 Paddle Shifters
Gas & Brake Pedals
Wheel Size 11" / 28 cm
Rotation Range 270-1080°
Platform Compatibility PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Windows PC
Compatible With Thrustmaster T3PA and T3PA-PRO pedal sets
Thrustmaster TH8A shifter
Weight 11.9 lb / 5.4 kg