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Known as the "Most Gored Bullfighter in History," Antonio Barrera has been impaled 23 times in the bullring. Now with a family to consider and a body that won't hold up, Barrera decides to face the bulls one last time, desperate for a taste of elusive glory. Written and Produced by award-winning filmmakers, Ido Mizrahy and Geoffrey Gray ("Patrolman P") and directed by Mizrahy, "GORED" captures the brutality and beauty inherent in Spanish bullfighting as Barrera braces for his retirement with one final performance. With unprecedented access to an insular and fading world, "GORED" is also a timeless document of an ancient cultural spectacle challenged by modern times. As younger generations reject bullfighting as barbaric, Barrera's boyhood dream of honoring his father and becoming a famous matador is at risk. Blu-ray includes character teasers, deleted scenes, and trailer, as well as Spanish, English and Portuguese captions.
RatingNot Rated
FormatBlu-ray - MOD