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I Am Jfk Jr

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The White House was the first home John knew. The son of President John F. Kennedy and the former Jacqueline Bouvier grew up under the eyes of America. And when TV and press cameras captured the moment three-year-old JFK Jr. snapped a smart salute to his fallen father the image was seared into the nation's collective memory. I Am JFK Jr. tells the story of that little boy who would grow up to become arguably the most famous-and according to People Magazine, the sexiest-man in America. In addition to personal photos from John's closest friends, I Am JFK Jr. features vintage footage of young John-John in the White House, on vacation with his family, and rare footage of John in the years after his famous father's assassination. I Am JFK Jr. tells the story of a young man pegged for greatness yet determined to be good-a story that ended too soon.
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