iGen 20/20 2.6x Day & Night Vision Monocular Product Image

iGen 20/20 2.6x Day & Night Vision Monocular

Product Description

Night Owl Optics takes pride in providing you with consistent, top quality products. They maintain their position as an industry leader in night vision technology by integrating state-of-the-art concepts and designs into all of their night vision monoculars, binoculars and flip-up goggles.

Night Owl's iGen 20/20 Day and Night Vision Monocular takes the world of night vision to new levels with a new technology, and a stunning form factor. Instead of relying upon ubiquitous intensifier tube technologies, Night Owl has incorporated an extremely sensitive video capture system into the iGen 20/20.

This versatile monocular can be used 24/7 without compromise. When ambient light-levels prohibit clear detailed viewing, simply adjust the variable frame rate to enhance the light-gathering abilities of the monocular. The integral IR illuminator features a smart-circuit that automatically adjusts to accommodate ambient lighting conditions.

The iGen 20/20 features a mid-range level of magnification, making it an excellent choice for outdoor viewing. Its simple yet dynamic form factor offers a secure grip for both right and left handed users, and the controls are easy to locate, intuitive and very accessible.

There are many different variables that affect the distance that one can see with a night vision device, among them the object's size, the level of details being sought from the object and the conditions of observation. Night vision devices detect much further under a full moon and clear skies than they will under a new moon and cloudy skies. Many different formulas are used to determine the statistic of maximum viewing range and this varies by manufacturer, so ultimately the generation of the intensifier tube is much more relevant than any quoted statistic when determining the maximum viewing range.

All night vision devices sold by B&H have mechanisms in place to protect the intensifier tube from a sudden burst of bright light, but this does not mean that bright light doesn't damage the device. No matter what, bright light in any form is not good for the longevity and performance of image intensifier tubes.

Lens System 41mm
Magnification 2.6x
Digital Magnification
Angle of View 12° (Actual)
Field of View 636' @ 1000 yd / 211 m @ 1000 m
Minimum Focus Distance 24" / 61 cm
Exit Pupil Diameter
Eye Relief
Interpupillary Adjustment
Diopter Adjustment
Focus Type
Night Vision
Infrared Illuminator Yes, Built-In
Intensifier Tube
Sensor Type
Sensor Size
Water Resistance None
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Humidity
Display Type
Memory Card Slot
Connectivity AV Output
Battery 4 x AA
Tripod Mounting Thread
Dimensions 9 x 4 x 2.5" / 22.9 x 10.2 x 6.4 cm
Weight 1.3 lb / 595 g