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Ultimate Jack Stack Lover Dinner KC BBQ

Product Description

Started by Russ Fiorella in Kansas City back in 1957 Jack Stack began as a traditional storefront barbecue with a modest selection of five to six items. To stand out in the competitive Kansas City barbecue scene of the mid 1970's Jack and his wife Delores began cooking gourmet meats over hickory wood and created the most extensive barbecue menu in the country. The menu included Certified Angus Beef Steaks fresh seafood award-winning Lamb Ribs and mouth-watering side dishes like Hickory Pit Beans and Cheesy Corn Bake.

Today Jack Stack Barbecue is in its third generation of the Fiorella family and has evolved into the largest full-service wood cookery in the industry. Along with five Kansas City restaurants Jack Stack operates a Catering company that serves at events all over the nation ranging from intimate gatherings to celebrations feeding several thousand and a Nationwide Shipping division that delivers their delicious barbecue to anywhere in the country.

  • The ultimate BBQ dinner that feeds your whole family and then some
  • Pork spare ribs are smoked for 8 hours and rubbed with BBQ spice
  • Ribs trimmed to the St Louis Cut with center bone only
  • Beef brisket is smoked four 14 hours with hickory wood for natural flavor
  • Generally a tougher meat brisket is smoked for hours so it falls apart tender
  • BBQ Chicken is succulent and mouth watering
  • BBQ Sausage comes from a Kansas City community company Strawberry Hill Barbecued Sausage
  • Prepared with a special recipe from Jack Stack this sausage is smoked 4-6 hours with a lean meat sausage mixture
  • Pulled pork falls apart at the touch of your fork and is lightly sauced
  • Do not forget the pit beans that are smoky-sweet with hickory-smoked brisket pieces
  • The potato bake with firm red potatoes and a secret cheese blend is a signature Jack Stack favorite
  • All Purpose Rub is made of mild onion and garlic flavors with a hint of bell pepper
  • Drizzle everything with the original BBQ sauce to bring out full flavor of meats
  • Add an extra kick with the spicy sauce that is powered by cayenne pepper
  • Serves over 12 people
  • Fully cooked vacuum-sealed and shipped with dry ice
  • Shipped in a durable reusable insulated cooler
  • Comes with Heating Guide and detailed instructions to taste just like it would at a Jack Stack restaurant
  • Includes:
    • Pork Spare Ribs (Unsauced 1 slab)
    • Sliced Beef Brisket 28oz
    • Half BBQ Chicken 2 Halves
    • BBQ Sausage 1lb
    • Pulled Pork 1lb
    • Poor Russ BBQ Mix 1lb
    • Hickory Pit Beans 64oz
    • Cheesy Potato Bake 32oz
    • KC Original Sauce 18oz
    • KC Spicy Sauce 18oz
    • Sandwich Buns 12-Pack
    • All Purpose Rub 7oz