XD Trolling Fin with Live Strike for Underwater Camera Product Image

XD Trolling Fin with Live Strike for Underwater Camera

Product Description

Take the guesswork out of fishing by adding this XD Trolling Fin with Live Strike to select Aqua-Vu XD underwater cameras. As you troll in your boat, use the topside monitor to view the live video feed from the tethered camera beneath the surface--so you can discover exactly where the fish are and see when they bite.

With the fin and camera set in the rear-viewing position, so that the lens is facing away from your direction of travel, you can keep your lures or bait directly in front of the lens as you drag both through the water. A distance of 5.0' or less between the lure and the camera is recommended. Shallow-diving crankbaits, spinners, live bait rigs, swimbaits, and other soft plastics work very well for this style of trolling. The supplied Live Strike clip holds your fishing line, but releases it right away when a fish bites, giving you the freedom to reel in your catch.

The Aqua-Vu XD Cameras are weighted and designed for slow drifting or trolling at speeds of 1-3 mph, but the Trolling Fin increases stability to allow you to move faster. To get the best results, keep the camera directly under the boat at a distance of 3.0' or less from the bottom of the lake.