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30A Car Battery Charger w/ 80A Engine Start

Product Description

More than a 30 amp car battery charger this unit features 80 amps of engine starting power. That's enough to get most vehicles going when you get caught with a dead battery. Even charge personal electronics with the 3.1-amp USB charging port. This multi-bank car battery charger can handle two batteries simultaneously and it also features an Alternator Check function to help diagnose vehicle battery issues. Check battery voltage anytime and help revive an old battery with the Battery Recondition function. Reverse polarity protection prevents improper connection.

  • Continuous 30A high frequency charge
  • Patented 80A engine start is powerful enough to start most vehicles
  • View battery voltage with the touch of a button
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents improper connection to prevent explosions
  • 120V AC Pass through outlet provides easily accessible AC outlet
  • 3.1A USB Charging port allows you to charge personal deices
  • Patented alternator check tests vehicles alternator condition
  • Battery recondition helps rejuvenate old batteries that have started to lose capacity
  • Dual bank connectors allows charging of multiple batteries at once
  • Includes battery clamps