Bedside Sleep Therapy/BT Speaker/Sunrise Wakeup Machine Product Image

Bedside Sleep Therapy/BT Speaker/Sunrise Wakeup Machine

Product Description

  • Create a calming environment for sleep or an energizing one to start the day
  • Help the mind and body relax with 16 soothing sounds
  • Nature sound recordings white noise and many more sounds
  • Stream music podcasts and meditation apps wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • 14 Specifically designed light therapy programs
  • The lights can either help promote sleep or increase energy
  • LED color blending is full spectrum to help enhance any mood
  • Dual sleep times to customize light and sound programs
  • Dual alarms with gradual wake up and customizable settings
  • 7-5-2 Alarm to wake up to different sources depending on the day
  • Have an alarm set for every day for the work week and for weekend schedules
  • Sunrise simulation mimics natural sunrise
  • Intelligent clock with automatic display avoids unneeded light pollution while trying to sleep
  • Battery backup operates during power outages so an alarm is never missed
  • Includes a 100-240V universal AC adapter