Easy Trolley 3D Owl Backpack Product Image

Easy Trolley 3D Owl Backpack

Product Description

Soft 3 D Easy Trolley Owl, with Easy-Trolley! The Charming Oops characters truly come to life, filling your little ones days with joy.  Trolley is Orange with Multi Colored Owl.  These are Three Dimensional Animals but they are also soft, colored Fabric Stickers.  This is a large Lightweight Bag, manageable even with the smallest hands thanks to wheels and Comfortable Retractable-Extendable handle.  Packed with Accessories, Easy Trolley is the perfect Travel Companion for Entertaining Children of All ages and For Helping the Older Ones Get Organized. This Trolley is Light Weight, Roomy & Durable, has 3D Fabric Elements and a Telescopic Handle.  It is made of Neoprene and Fabric. Wipe Clean with Water.