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Grow-With- Me Rocking Chair

Product Description

A Grow-With-Me Rocking Chair that converts from a Rocker to a Child's Seat. The Rocker has Calming Vibrations and a Gentle Rocking Motion to help Comfort and Soothe Baby. Th Child's Seat allows the Rocker Convert to a Stationary Seat for your Growing Toddler by Simply Flipping out the Kickstands! A Detachable Mobile Crib Night Light Detects the Baby's Cry with a Sound Sensor. A Melody or Pre-Recorded Parents' Voice will Play to Soothe Baby when Sound Sensor Detects Baby's Cry. Easy to Fold and Carry, Mode Selection: Off/Vibration/ Music, Collapsible for Easy Storage. Machine-washable pad. Easily converts between stages to suit your child's needs. Includes 2 AA Batteries. Ages 0 Months and Up