4 in 1 Ultimate Science Multipack, Prehistoric Product Image

4 in 1 Ultimate Science Multipack, Prehistoric

Product Description

The Unbelievable Science 4pk, are mini sized kits in one pack.  Prehistoric Slime, Volcano Eruption, Glow Dino Excavation and Jurassic Soap.  Bring Prehistoric Slime to Your Home. Along with the Lava Filled World of Volcanoes, Prehistoric Dinosaurs and World of Fossilized Amber.  These STEM Items are a great way to develop your child's interest in Science.  Slime Kit Contains 2 Colored Dye, 1 Mixing Stick, Bag of Cornstarch, 1 Glue and Instructions. The Volcano Kit contains Base, Citric Acid, Plastic Tube, Baking Soda, Sand, and Instructions. Glow Dino Excavation contains Clay Block, Glow Stegosaurus, Chisel, Brush, and Instructions. Jurassic Soap contains 3 Plastic Bugs, 1 Block of Soap, 1 Measuring Cup, Mixing Stick, 2 Dyes, 1 Soap Mold with 3 Cavities and Instructions. These Kits will aid in the development of Collaboration, Imagination, Engineering, Concentration and Future World. Recommended Ages 8 Years and up.