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Mod-Secret Societies & Spirituality-Templars Freemasons

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For thousands of years there have been secret gatherings of men who claim to hold a sacred truth. They survived religious and State intolerance and still exist to this day. Many are members, but do all know the arcane truths that fostered their brotherhoods? In this film we hear from Templar and Freemason expert, Tim Wallace-Murphy (Rex Deus, The Knights of the Holy Grail). His decades of research and membership of the Freemasons has brought him into contact with the profound esoteric truths held secret for so long. We listen to Dawn Bramadat, an exponent of the old, spiritual path and we learn about our true nature. Join us as we embark on a journey into the world of Secret Societies and the Spiritual path. World Wide Multi Media brings you quality video content from around the globe.
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FormatDVD - MOD