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Austin D-Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates

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Experience the slimming power of Pilates and dramatically reshape your body with DENISE AUSTIN: SHRINK YOUR FAT ZONES PILATES! Target-tone those stubborn zones with three tailored workouts that use specialized Pilates techniques to cinch the waist, sculpt the upper body, and firm and tone the buns and thighs. Follow Denise's workout recommendation and you could trim and slim your entire body in as quickly as 21 days! ZONE 1: ABS & CORE (15 min.): Flatten your tummy and cinch that waist with Pilates-inspired moves that chisel the core from every angle possible. ZONE 2: UPPER BODY (15 min.): Using small weights, firm your arms, chest and shoulders with sculpting moves and Pilates poses that super-tone this fat zone. ZONE 3: BUNS & THIGHS (15 min.): Lift your buns and lose inches from your thighs with Pilates techniques proven to trim and define leaner lines.
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FormatDVD - Widescreen